Sleepy Observations of Women’s Euro 2017

Any Australian who watches European football matches can attest to the reality that time zones suck. A lot. My matra is currently this is as I watch UEFA Women’s Euro 2017.

This week is both the start of the tournament and the start of a new uni semester. So life dictates that I should probably only wake up to watch the 4.45am matches and to not pull an all nighter by watching the 2am match too. Meaning I can still remain civil to people and maintain coherent thought opposed to a sleep deprived me I wouldn’t like to unleash on my worst enemy. Thank goodness all of England’s group matches are at the slightly more suitable time of 4.45am.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to write up some sleepy observations after each round. Hope you enjoy it more than I enjoy sleep.

Pro tip

When watching the tournament here, if you wake up at 5am rather than 4.45am and rewind the match to the start of play then you receive an extra 15 minutes sleep and can fast forward through halftime.

Day 1

Netherlands 1 – 0 Norway

Denmark 1 – 0 Belgium

I enjoy sleep. I didn’t wake up. I figure there will be many more matches to watch.

I have since watched the game highlights on YouTube and caught some of the words spoken over the ever-reliable forum of Twitter. The general consensus is women’s football is seriously improving. With nations who were once looked upon as ‘minnows’ and simply making up numbers now being capable of playing good, technical football that can compete with anyone on their day.

Trumps to the Netherlands winning their first game as the tournament hosts. Further from the highlights Denmark looked lucky to sneak a win.


Day 2

Italy 1 – 2 Russia

Germany 0 – 0 Sweden

You should always wake up to watch Germany. So I did. My thoughts were Pia Sundhage (Sweden’s coach) is a football God and  Sweden can once again compete with the strength of Germany. Normally when watching a nil all draw I wish I had just stayed peacefully asleep, however this game was worth waking up for. Just plain old good football.

From watching the highlights of Italy v Russia a player to watch is Russia’s goalkeeper, Tatyana Shcherbak. Maybe it was just the highlights but the only reason Italy didn’t win appeared to be because of good goalkeeping.


Day 3

Austria 1 – 0 Switzerland

France 1 – 0 Iceland

France’s passing game was drool worthy. Like legit. With over 400 passes complete, I would even be prepared to wake up at 2am to watch some of that! (Though I may wait until the knockout stages before I wreck my sleep schedule so comprehensively..) Iceland were great too with France only having the edge due to a some-what lucky penalty. However having watched France’s passing I can’t find it in me to be disappointed with them winning, even if Iceland deserved some points.

Switzerland got the first red card. Austria’s free kicks had two people in front of the ball who moved only once the free kick taker strikes the ball. This is something I would have practiced in high school with my friends. It looked fun.


Day 4

Spain 2 – 0 Portugal

England 6 – 0 Scotland

I’m half English. So a 6 nil win against Scotland has the ability to leave me speechless. Both these games are perhaps better summarised with this particular tweet.



Photo of the Round

Who even needs to walk?? Sweden’s Olivia Schough



Round 2


Norway v Belgium (02.00) ||Netherlands v Denmark (04.45)



Sweden v Russia (02.00) || Germany v Italy (04.45)


Iceland v Switzerland (02.00) || France v Austria (04.45)


Scotland v Portugal (02.00) || England v Spain (04.45)

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