Prediction Thursday Round 8

This round of games is crazy guys. If there is one to follow, so far this is it. First and second play each other, third and fourth have a battle, fifth and sixth will have a chance to determine who can push for a top four spot, whilst eighth and ninth fight for their lives. Match ups made in heaven really. PLUS we have not just one game on our TV screens, BUT TWO!!!! So get off work early Friday arvo and demand the TV remote from whoever normally controls it and get watching some football. Then on Sunday do the same thing whilst everyone else normally takes their arvo nap.

I’m just happy I get to watch Sydney FC play on TV, it’s even better that it is against Canberra. So here is to a good weekend of soccer hey!

Round 8

Sydney FC v Canberra United
Friday 15 December 5.20pm on SBS Viceland and Fox Sports
For both teams, this game is big. This could determine who will be best placed to push into a spot in the top four. Both teams are traditionally use to having a view from the top of the ladder, so this season is a bit different for both. Sydney have found some good form of late, being on a winning spree ever since they remembered the point of football is to ideally win. Meanwhile Canberra’s season is a bit like growing pains, sometimes there is potential and some wins, other times it is painful and time would be better spent in front of the fridge eating too much food like a teenage boy would do. This game is going to be won on the wings. Can Sydney expose Canberra using the flanks, like City looked to do last week? I’m thinking so.
Prediction: Sydney FC 2 – 0 Canberra United

Adelaide United v Western Sydney Wanderers
Friday 15 December 8.00pm
Battle to avoid the wooden spoon. For either team to either have a mid season revival, or purlely to avoid being last place at season’s end, they will be wanting a win out of this game. It’s hard to believe Adelaide, a team that got a win over Perth so early in the season, can be sitting bottom of the table. Further, what does Western Sydney need to do to get results, after some really solid signings over the summer, without doing a City and bagging a bunch of Matildas? I was a strong believer at the start of the season that Adelaide would be a force, instead they have disappointed me, a bit like a burger having beetroot on it. Whilst I would rather not back Western Sydney, I’m going to here because I think they just might have more mongrel in them on Friday night.
Prediction: Adelaide United 1 – 3 Western Sydney Wanderers

Newcastle Jets v Perth Glory
Saturday 16 December 8.15pm
Who is going to get top spot? This game could determine it, at least who can claim it for a week. Newcastle fancy themselves as premiers, if they can get some points off a full strength Perth, they may well have a good claim at it. From all accounts, Newcastle will win any battles in midfield, with the talented duo of Emily Van Egmond and Tori Hustler, but will they be able to outscore a team with Rachel Hill and Sam Kerr, both in brilliant form? If Newcastle can find the goals, potentially through American Katie Stengel, Perth will be pushed. I’m hoping Newcastle can find goals somehow and bring it to Perth. It be a tight game, and agonising to follow on twitter, but there should be some goals too.
Prediction: Newcastle Jets 3 – 2 Perth

Brisbane Roar v Melbourne City
Sunday 17 December 4.30pm on SBS Viceland and Fox Sports
Who wants it more? That will be who wins this game. Both teams are capable of playing very well, but the winner of this game will be whoever is the hungrier. There are quality matchups across the park, with no clear team who has the edge from what I can see. City are likely to have large spells of possession, with Jess Fishlock the likely puppet master, however Brisbane have the ability to counter quickly and if their forwards are on song, they are capable of getting goals without a lot of possession. This is likely to be a tight game, and whilst my heart can pick a favourite, my mind and logical side believes this could very well end in a draw and a bit of heart ache for both sides.
Prediction: Brisbane Roar 2 – 2 Melbourne City

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