Match Day Tuesday – Round 9

Match Day Monday Tuesday – Round 9


Soccer is a funny game, this week showed once again I am far too emotionally invested in a game where essentially the aim is to put the ball in the back of the net more times than the other guys. But hey! It makes life interesting right?


In Melbourne there was a classy display from the Newcastle midfield who won the game for them, once again. Melbourne put up a good fight, but Newcastle’s ability to go direct to goal and find players around the box was on a different level compared to Melbourne.

Following this game is a switch over to the old faithful Twitter feed for the game in Adelaide against Sydney. It was pure agony to follow this game on Twitter, but a late winner for Sydney left me feeling happy for the last Friday night of 2017.

Thankfully the late game in Perth that same night against Brisbane, didn’t end with the same anxiety, as Brisbane sailed through the game, winning by a two goal advantage.

Anything Sydney can do, City can do better apparently, pulling out a win against Western Sydney in the dying moments, to crush hearts of not just Wanderers fans, but also a neutral (and me, because Fishlock has scored too many game winners already this season).


Melbourne Victory 1 – 3 Newcastle Jets

Class. The class of the Jets midfield won this game for them. While Melbourne struggled to find that final ball to give Natasha Dowie a chance in a goal scoring position, Newcastle found success going direct when in possession. Melbourne looked comfortable in possession, it was only in the final third where they were seriously lacking options, with Dowie often looking isolated. On the other hand, Newcastle looked very good going forward. Early balls through to start the attack, with the pace of Jenna Kingsley on the wing, along with the hard work of Hannah Brewer down the other flank was excellent and caused Melbourne problems all game. There were times where Newcastle sat off, taking the foot off the pedal. Unfortunately Melbourne weren’t able to capitalise, however it ought to serve as a warning for Newcastle as a better side would have broke them down during this period. Newcastle have the win they need to keep up the pace they are setting in pursuing a top 4 spot.


Adelaide United 1 – 2 Sydney FC

Hard to watch via Twitter. Joy for Sydney fans in the end, but surely upsetting for the home side. Updates coming at you with the game tied up, with an Alex Chidiac penalty in the 55th minute for Adelaide bringing the home side level after an earlier goal by Sydney FC player Kylie Ledbrook, is the epitome of agony. After persistent refreshing of my Twitter feed, with the vague hope Sydney could gain a win somehow out of this game (sorry Adelaide!), there was success! Three minutes into injury time Caitlin Foord found a match winner, also getting her first of the season. Really at this point, I was just happy I didn’t have to stress refresh twitter and could think about relaxing again for the evening.


Perth Glory 0 – 2 Brisbane Roar

Are Brisbane really this good? Or do Perth just rely too much on Sam Kerr? A Kerr-less Perth went down to a Brisbane side who look to hungry this season. There is no argument over Perth’s credentials as a side to push for the championship this season with all their players available, especially Sam Kerr. But so far each game without Kerr they have struggled to put the ball in the net, as well as missing the leadership she brings on the field. For Brisbane, it can’t be argued they are solid at the back, and have the creativity and engine in the midfield but it has been a matter of where goals come from. Obviously this wasn’t an issue against Perth in this game, they found two. Watching Brisbane play, when given the chance (thanks Fox Sports/SBS), they have seemed to be hungry to win, winning those crucial 50/50 challenges. A very good win for Brisbane, especially with a push on to claim that top place at the end of the season.


Western Sydney Wanderers 0 – 1 Melbourne City

If Jess Fishlocks mission for this season is to break teams hearts, well mission complete. A last minute goal by the welsh woman salvaged City three points. The Wanderers were solid the whole game, nullifying countless City attacks. Though at times being isolated the occasions they were able to press forward, they did have a couple chances when they had the numbers to press forward. Meanwhile City looked like a team with more bark than bite. With so much possession, they struggled to break down the Wanderers enough to get a proper look in at goal for most of the game. Honestly this game was painful to watch. If you’re looking to learn how to defend as a team, sure watch this game and take plenty of notes of the Wanderers defence. However this is the only reason to rewatch this game. It only got worse having a last minute goal, a product of pure magic by Fishlock, Yukari Kinga and Kyah Simon.

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