Match Day Monday – Round 14

As I sit back and begin to type out the last Match Day Monday for the 2017/18 regular season, with my kilo of cherries (they are delicious guys, Tassie is a good place for cherries), I have come to the conclusion of… still being completely boggled as to how this season panned out.

How did City make it through to secure fourth place?

Why did Canberra look like they were clicking right in time, to blow it in the last few rounds?

Are Brisbane really that good?

Why can the Jets have the best midfield one week, and an AWOL midfield the next?

How did Perth lose so many games at home?

Would Adelaide finish higher with a full home and away season?

Will the Wanderers ever win a derby?

Can Melbourne find the missing link to get Dowie truly firing in front of goals?

When will Sydney finally get some silverware again?

Ok that last one is more me hoping and dreaming, but the rest of them are totally valid! And with such a season, the last round of results didn’t disappoints. So here we are, what went on this week in the W-League.

Round 14

Newcastle Jets 0 – 3 Melbourne City

This is not a game any Jet’s player or fan will want to write home about. They were flat all game, with their world class midfield missing for most of the game. Meanwhile, City turned it up. It seems to be when the pressure is on, City get their act together and play the way everyone expects them to. I was really hoping the Jets could do Canberra a favour, continue their good form and get a win against City. Did that happen. No.. Early on in the game, City controlled play and it was all one way traffic. No one was picking up runners from the midfield, and it looked bleeding obvious the Jet’s backline was one who haven’t played together all season. I wish I could take away from City’s performance by saying how bad the Jets were, but I can’t totally do that. City deserved this win, the way they played is close to unstoppable. If they bring this form into next week against Brisbane in the semi, I (begrudgingly) wouldn’t bet against them.

Brisbane Roar 4 – 1 Canberra United

Brisbane look good guys. Like really good. Most significantly this season, Brisbane have gained first place by just moving on game by game and figuring out a way to win. This game was more than that, they were dominate all the way through. Canberra looked unable to have any real possession of the ball until the last 10 minutes, where they had nothing to lose and threw numbers forward. The shining light for Canberra this season has been the performances of Ellie Carpenter, and again she showed how good she was, even if that was limited this game. Meanwhile, Brisbane proved why they are this seasons premiers. They were composed and find another level in the last half an hour of a game, meaning they are capable of killing a game off. Best part of the match? When Abbey Llyod got on the field, got two goals and then threatened to get her hattrick all in the space of 25 minutes.

Adelaide United 2 – 1 Melbourne Victory

Adelaide love winning their last game of the season, and they did this once again. By the sounds of Twitter, despite the game being a dead rubber, both teams fought for the pride of their club.

Sydney FC 4 – 1 Western Sydney Wanderers

Sydney is Sky Blue, and there was a defender goal. That’s all I know and probably all we need to know.


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