When The W-League 2017/18 Season Review Meets the Winter Olympics

This W-League season has seen just about everything. One thing that hasn’t occurred however is snow. So, with the flavour of the Winter Olympics upon us, here is an assessment of each teams season by comparison of their Winter Olympic counterparts.


BRISBANE ROAR – Speed Skating


Super fast and super dope all season just like short track speed skating. Skated along brilliantly for so long this season, continually picking up steam, even winning the prem but came undone right before the finish line. Much like so many competitors of speed skating.


SYDNEY FC – Curling


No one knows what’s going on for the first few games, much like Sydney fans had no idea what was going on with the early 3 losses. But after a while everything clicks and just keeps chugging along, a bit like the couch observers knowledge of the game of curling. By the end, it’s a winner, winning everyone over.




Super super graceful all season, much like those stars who glide across the ice. Much like these ice skaters, the Jets were absolute work horses whilst making it look effortless. Solid performer all around.


MELBOURNE CITY – Snowboard Cross


All the style, plenty of carnage left in their tracks yet they remain to have the efficiency to finish every race. This seasons race City kept slipping through somehow into that ‘qualifier’ position then pulled it out of the bag with their big guns come crunch time




At times they were super graceful, like when the the skier is in the air doing flips and twists. But with this sport, if the landing isn’t right it can feel brutal. Canberra has both these elements this season. Some good football but missing out on a 10th appearance in the finals hurts like a face plant after all those tricks.




One wrong turn on the Slalom, miss the mark and its all over. Thats a lot like Perth’s season. They shot out from the start, head and shoulders above the rest, getting into a good rhythm, scoring freely but one wrong turn and they just lost all their rhythm and were left off the pace from the others finishing well outside of the top four.




It was a bumpy ride with some rad tricks, like beating City but their timing was off and like so many of the mogul skiers they just couldn’t make the initial cut. Such a solid performance in the monguls can come unstuck in the last bit, much like so many of Victory’s games this season.




Ice hockey is brutal, much like WSW’s season. They were hard as nails, much like ice hockey defenders. Overall their season was like one of those hits ice hockey players get against the rinks fences, having the potential to really start something but getting squashed before anything can truly get going.




Head first no fear, like their early result against early front runners Perth Glory. People watch them both with hands in front of their face because they’re about to see either the best or worst thing in sport. Either way it’s one crazy ride and a fan favourite to watch with all the goals and drama that often occurred.

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