NWSL 2018 Season Preview

With the end of the W-League season settling into a reality, I bet you’re wondering “where can I watch some more club games”? Don’t worry, the guys over in the US have our back with the start of the NWSL season. Bonus points is, unlike many of the European leagues, the earliest games of the weekend are usually 6.30am, with many after 8am. Anyway, here is my review of each team and what breakfast food I reckon they are most like right now heading into the season. (I was a bit hungry when writing this ok, so bare with me).

North Carolina Courage
Most like: Toast, to be super consistent and successful, sometime you need to get the basics right. Both NC and toast strikingly have this in common.

They understand to win consistently, you need those nitty gritty players, like McCall Zerboni, for the genius playmakers, like Sam Mewis, to shine. That’s why they have a premiership and championship from the past two seasons and they’ll do it again this season. Oh this and their forwards are faster than whippets. – Toast, to be super consistent and successful, sometime you need to get the basics right. Both NC and toast strikingly have this in common.

Chicago Red Stars
Most like: Cereal, Chicago have a crunchy consistency, are your everyday, bulk standard favourite but will it always play with the big boys/favourites? Much like cereal though, Chicago will always want to push for a place at the table.

They have flipping Sam Kerr. Anything is possible. A few key changes this season, compared to their squad for the last few years where the consistency of their players were the same as their consistency of reaching and being knocked out at the semi finals. Will these changes change their fortunes?

Utah Royals.
Most like: Porridge, changing the toppings with their many player changes, in the hope of making a comeback, much like porridge continues to change it’s toppings of choice to keep up with recent fads.

The new/old kids on the block, being relocated from FCKC. Back at KC this is a squad that had huge potential, let in few goals but got stuck with what to do up front. A new coach with new reinforcements, including Aussie Karina Gorry, will hopefully answer this problem.

Houston Dash
Most like: Scrambled eggs. Who the heck knows what’s going on at this club, it’s all a bit scrambly. Even their orange kit takes upon the complexion of scrambled eggs just slightly.

What’s going on in Houston? For a club who leaked goals last year, their reply to that is to not take notice and bring in some reinforcements for their defence because apparently who cares so long as they can score more. Anyone a fan of strikers being converted to defenders? Well I’m not, but if you are keep an eye on this Houston experiment yeah.

Seattle Reign
Most like: A smoothie bowl. A twist on an old favourite with Seattle bringing in a bunch of wholesale changes to the squad, however lots of the core is still there, so expect the style of pretty, possession football to continue through to this season.

Oh Seattle, you’ve changed so much since last year I barely recognise you. But one thing learnt already this year, don’t underestimate a team with Jess Fishlock. Ever. So y’all will always have a chance at hitting the good times. Smoothie bowl. A twist on an old favourite with the wholesale changes to the squad we’ve seen.

Portland Thorns
Most like: A bacon sandwich a bit greasy, a lot of people claim to not be a fan but ultimately so many people love them and they fill the spot every time.

My love. As injuries have hit many sides, it faces us too. Will we find someone to fill the gap Amadine Henry has left? I don’t know. But please let us be able to say this year “we have Tobin F***ing Heath”. One things for certain though, with the two Emily’s (Menges and Sonnett) along with Franch, not many goals are going to be conceded. Thank goodness there are teams that still care for the qualified defender.

Sky Blue FC
Most like: French toast. Takes a bit of time to perfect, but will eventually get there. Once perfected though a delicious prospect.

Potential. This is a side with potential. But where is that veteran defender? They didn’t trade for one and their current defence is full of youngsters who need another season under their belt to really be considered close to a veteran, bringing in that experience every defence looks for. Good thing their goalkeeper is ridiculouslu good and solid in Kailen Sheridan.

Orlando Pride
Most like: Waffles, they’re gonna be a bit fancy but somehow the core of both is so basic everyone will think they can do it but realise they don’t have the fancy topping to set it off like waffles do or Orlando can with their star players.

On paper they look wonderful. And last year they really settled into their stride with Marta and Alex Morgan terrorising defences. Add on two Aussie midfield players, Alana Kennedy to win the ball and new in purple, Emily Van Egmond to play the forward duo in with delicious passes, I’m more or less drooling over a side I promised myself I wouldn’t support. Bummer.

Washington Spirit
Most like: Avocado on toast, a bit one dimensional but delicious goodness is guaranteed to have you coming back for more, even if you wish they could sprout for something extra, like feta or more defenders in Washington’s case.

You want a bucket load of young, clever and creative midfielders? The Spirit have been stockpiling them so look no further. Somehow they have ended up with so much talent here that other positions, such as defence, don’t matter because no one will get past their talent loaded midfield. Or if they do Washington don’t want to hear about it. How many midfielders can you have on the park at once? Hope it’s eleven.

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