Prediction Thursday Round 2


Ok. New season nerves are all shaken out (unless you’re a Jets fan, then hello and welcome to season 11). With the glory and draws of the first round, Perth Glory also managing a draw, we now have some idea of how things will pan out. Even if that’ll change as often as trying to find something to wear when you’ve “just got nothing to wear out”.

This round is particularly exciting for me, as I’ve now finished up uni (hello finished law degree) and I’m free as a bird to focus all my energy to football, including travelling around the mainland to catch as many matches I can squeeze in, Ill be squeezing them in like trying to fit into those jeans that make your butt look good but gee getting them up is a challenge. My first game is mega, at Melbourne Friday night where my beloved Sydney FC meet City for grand final revenge

Anyway, I’m typing on my iPad (which is harder than scoring a left footed worldie), so let’s get onto the predictions!

Melbourne Victory v Newcastle Jets 

This is the match to watch (hides behind hands as I know people will say the City v Sydney ought to be, but be patient I’ll cover that yeah). Newcastle is yet to play a game so are the wild’s wild card for the round. They’re a team everyone is wondering whether they can maintain momentum and climb to the heady heights of last season’s third place finish. Meanwhile Melbourne were left feeling as frustrated last weekend against Adelaide as being told you’re leaving somewhere as a kid while your mum is talking to a friend but then keeps going “one more minute”, which turns out to be a LOT of minutes. Melbourne will be busting for goals here. They were so close last weekend to scoring that I firmly believe they will find their scoring boots this week, otherwise I’m just going to throw all my hats away and do the usual of never supporting Victory one iota. Jets won’t be an easy beat though, and have a bit of speed up to be weary of, especially with Emily Van Egmond to pull the strings from midfield. Solely for the reason of Melbourne having had a chance to already shake out the cobwebs, I’m going to pick the home side. But seriously, only have time to watch one match this week? Watch this.

Prediction: Melbourne Victory 3 – 2 Newcastle Jets

Melbourne City v Sydney FC

The match I’ve been drooling over since the fixtures came out. Drooling so much so that I booked flights to make the match, because dammit I wanna be there! It’s a repeat of the grand final, but without Fishlock to spark some genius and with Kennedy back in the correct sky blue colour (even if it may well be on the sidelines injured), meaning this a different ball game altogether. City came out understrength in the first round, and by the looks of Instagram and words on the street, they’re very likely to be understrength again. Meanwhile, it didn’t matter that last weekend McCaskill had barely had enough time in Aus to be forced the treat we call vegemite, she didn’t miss a beat in linking up with Foord and co. While City’s defence is the closest representation of their first XI on the park, they will have their hands full with Sydney’s front four and have shown to be penetrable with Canberra putting two past them already. Meanwhile if City puts out an understrength midfield like last round it could be game over before kick off. So for my prediction I’m going big, and will go into hiding somewhere whilst in Melbourne if Sydney lose.

Prediction: Sydney FC 4-1 Melbourne City

Western Sydney’s Wanderers v Brisbane Roar

Rubbing my hands right now because I’m hoping to swing it and make this game too. Last weekend Roar should’ve put the game to bed in the first half, but like a child missing their nap time (or me missing my nap time honestly) wild things happen past that point. Despite this, the Roar’s attack looked impressive. Meanwhile the Wanderers forwards haven’t quite hit their stride yet from last rounds performance and their defence is going to need to sit down before the match and have a cuppa to figure out how to communicate with each other in the match. Roar’s roving forwards may well cause the Wanderers similar headaches as Sydney’s did last weekend. But if WSW can find some pace in the final third though they may find something against the Roar defence, that has looked solid, but not yet it’s fortress self from last season. Again I’m thinking this game is too early in the season for the Wanderers and Roar have the edge until the Wanderers can fully flesh out their plan within 442.

Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 1-3 Brisbane Roar

Canberra United v Perth Glory 

Sam Kerr and Nikki Stanton are back!! The prayers from the west have been heard, or at least their yellow card accumulation ban is now lifted. This changes things for Perth. The side looked solid in their outing against Roar, even if they decided to remain in neutral until halftime when they finally shifted through the gears to roar in the second. But Canberra. Upset of the season already in the bag getting one over City. But the question is, were they really good or were City just not up to standard? No doubt Canberra looked dynamic and functioning as a unit. But Perth are an experienced outfit and have the quality of across the park to deal with Canberra’s dynamism, whilst having the raw lower and talent their front line holds. I’m unconvinced either side will be able to keep a clean sheet in this one, but also doubt there’s too much to split them. Instead it may merely be a matter of the clock working as they play out a tit for tat.

Prediction: Canberra United 2-2 Perth Glory


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