It’s Feeling Chile – A Quick Low Down

A Quick Low Down, because currently I’m sitting on a beach in Newcastle, but we still really need to cover a couple things from Tuesday night’s Matildas v Chile game

ON THE FIELD|| We saw Foord set the second half literally on fire, Kellond-Knight back in her natural habitat, meaning we could play out though the back with KK and Kennedy back at the helm. And I’m slowly feeling comfortable with Carpenter at right back, or at least that’s the least of our defensive issues, so there’s that. (Still reckon no way is she an out and out natural fullback, very little will convince me of this sorry guys!). 

OFF THE FIELD|| A little girl doing a solo rendition of “let’s go Matildas”, possibly the only time that chant will be music to my ears. An older couple next to me speaking football, fully invested in the match, with no mention of men’s football. Hints of some good chants for the Matildas somewhere to the right behind me, slow progress but let’s dance and get this happening with the full support of one end yeah. The small contingent of Chile fans again stealing my heart, one day I’ll sneak in with you guys and be part of the party yeah

OVERALL|| Newcastle you were magic. Thank you. Even if all the goals were scored up the wrong end. Until next time. See you Matildas in the new year. 

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