This is Why We Fight For Change #Equality

There were wild plans to give you a running commentary of the AFLW’s Kangaroos v Carlton match and my adventures at North Hobart Oval. But the plans are scraped! Why? I stumbled on a Tweet by Angela Pippos (still trying to read your book mate, but I don’t want it to end so I’m stubbornly stuck somewhere in the middle).

Here’s the Tweet.


Upon reading this, my smile grew to the size of the Cheshire Cat over Devonshire tea. In fact, this single tweet might inspire a whole new feature if I get to see enough sport matches over the next few months.

What’s rad, is across a small ocean, the day following when this photo would have been taken, I witnessed a similar event. It was another inaugural AFLW team making their debut. And another moment of pure happiness.

Next to me in the gorgeous North Hobart Oval stand, where I’d found myself a spot based on the criteria of shade and an excellent view of the oval, a family of women all decked out in Kangaroos gear. The youngest, perhaps around ten, wound up on the step next to me, drawing out a bit of cardboard that happened to have a hand drawn Kangaroos poster. After making sure the tape was right, and everything was golden, she walks down the couple steps to the gate and holds the piece of cardboard proud in front of her the moment the players hit the pitch for the warm ups. I skipped out on staying behind for post-match madness, but I really hope this girl got her poster signed by all the players

This is why we fight for change #equality


I didn’t catch her name, but one of her rellies (not sure if mum or aunt or some other close family person), did notice I took a picture of her and just smiled at me when I awkwardly realised I got caught out taking a picture.

The fight for equality in sport goes beyond AFLW. In every sport we fight for change. To see why we fight for change in my own backyard was an incredible special moment. Probably more so than watching the game and having North Melbourne Tasmania win the match more convincingly than a good chocolate cake can win an arvo. 

We need to see the fruit of our fight for change in gaining equality within sport. I know myself, covering women’s sport can be a hard, hard slog sometimes. I love it, but like actually having to cook dinner and not just pop it in the microwave, it’s a lot of work and sometimes you just want to ring up pizza hut and order a take away. So let’s celebrate the wins.

This is why we fight for change #equality.


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