Why We Fight For Change #Equality | Meet My Tribe


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Meet My Tribe

At one point during my travels I told my mum “I just feel like I fit in you know, they’re my people”, she replied “yeah, it’s you’re tribe”. I’ve met so many incredible, talented and football loving people, but here’s some of the best right here.

Meet Eric and Sam. We’ve sat through many a games together now. They’re both legends. They have a massive passion and knowledge of the game. I couldn’t imagine being based anywhere other than than Sydney this season, and these guys have been a huge part of it.

Going to that first match in Sydney at Marconi, man I was nervous, but you guys just welcomed me with open arms. We’ve been able to geek out about footy, rue many seriously missed goal opportunities, absolutely love it when a hard nosed, no nonsense defender has an ace game, sit through a thunderstorm and watch Sydney win the flaming trophy.

Why we fight for change? Because without it, I wouldn’t have met my tribe and people.



Meet A Parent

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AFLW was in Launceston Friday night.

Making it to the ground right on the buzzer, is always tight. Under the pump, I look for the first free aisle. I settle in, the first quarter flies promising a super tight game (failed promises) and I notice the man next to me has a sweet camera. As someone who adores cameras but hasn’t got the foggiest, I chip up during the quarter time break “nice camera”.

I get talking to him and ask what brings him to the match today. He replies “my daughter is playing”. His daughter is Western Bulldog forward Bonnie Toogood. That’s just too good. (sorry, the pun was just there for the taking). Highlights of sitting next to a player’s dad for a match includes him pointing out “that’s my daughter” when Toogood had dropped deep into a rugby scrum to have clean hands on the ball, as well as rueing with him that the Bulldogs were sitting far too deep and lacked any numbers going forward during the second half when they should’ve been chasing the game.

Thanks Martin for chatting to me. And to all the parents who come out to watch their daughters play sport, here’s to you.

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