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Meet my brother. Jed. 

It’s been a while between drinks since the last time we watched a match together. However, the other weekend we got to share Mars Bars, wear beanies and freeze watching a women’s Summer Cup game. The last time we got to do this was probably in Melbourne watching the A-League when you still had straight hair and I was taller than you (not sure if this photo is from that time or the time before that, but you get the gist).

This is the kid who dragged me outside every dang afternoon just to kick a football around. It was backyard footy at it’s best. The hours we spent trying to out do one another with the ball at our feet. I broke the 100 mark in keepy uppies first, but then you carried on to be a show off and smash more than a few hundred out. We use to dream of playing at Old Trafford, while Mum would name dinner after a soccer player so you would eat it (never a problem with me, but the Becksie special of white sauce pasta was my favourite).

Jed’s a massive reason I fell in love with the game. Even if he’s more into music these days, I know deep down footy is still his true love.

Thanks to all the younger brothers who consistently badger their sisters to play footy, helping them find a passion for the game. And thanks Jed for watching the footy with me man. Let’s do it again soon.

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