A lot happens during a month. Here’s some of the best bits from March.


Local footy is back.


On Saturday evening the footy took me to a place locals call the Den. It’s the Kingborough Lions ground, their house. Upon arrival I an internal debate over sitting in the crowd or upstairs above the club house. The decision is to settle in upstairs because it’s easier to write from up there, despite missing out on the feel of the crowd.

I didn’t need to worry about being alone for long. Soon I hear some light thumps and some whispers. I must’ve been spotted because a heated debate from the stair thumpers ensued.

I manage a second away from live blogging the match and call out “are you guys wanting to watch the match?” The reply “yeah and play cards”.

No way was I going to tell them they couldn’t sit upstairs with me.

Their cards were match day footy cards. A couple of them watched the match at random. One tried to convince me the scoreboard was right at 2-1. “Nah buddy it’s nil nil”. Whose winning? “No one yet mate”.

One or two of these kids had lion costumes, which was an absolute treat. It was wonderful sharing the media area with you young guys. Even if you got bored and left me before half time.


Meet This Photo of Taylor Harris


I’ve not met Taylor. I wish to one day. However I’ve met this photo and it represents women’s sports more so than a Mars Bar wrapper in my car represents my lack of self control at the supermarket check out.

It’s powerful. Strong. Technical. Jaw dropping. Eye grabbing. Brilliant.

This photo was also deleted from the main AFL account because of misogynistic and hateful people. It’s been taken down and kept hidden because of the “comments” of a few. With this happening, it represents women’s sport even more.

What’s better? The backlash. Twitter is now flooded with this image. I’m sure other social media is too. This represents women’s sport to a tee. We band together and we’re fighting to take centre stage.

So Taylor Harris. Here’s centre stage.

I’m now going to get a t-shirt of this.


Meet Robin55752513_733529987041849_4707365520276455424_n.jpg

He’s normally found on the side lines coaching South Hobart’s Women’s Championship side. I’ve met him there as a player, a coach and far more often as media. For the start of this season he’s been in caretaker mode for South’s Women’s Super League side until Craig gets back.

Normally when I see Robin it’s around the coaches box and we get to have a little yarn about the game and how his side is tracking. For instance on Saturday at a different match, I bumped into him whilst grabbing some team sheets.

This is where I found Robin after Sunday’s game. His side had just suffered their second defeat on a trot, again thanks to second half jitters. Yet he’s up a ladder, helping the other handful of volunteers who were packing down the ground. We still had a yarn. I asked about a new midfielder with the old “they’re flaming clever in there” line, while being informed I would’ve loved to watch one of their youngsters play this season, but will have to wait until next year due to a season ending injury.

The lifeline of local football are people like Robin. They are all around the game, at every club. It’s what keeps our game ticking because they simply do whatever it takes.


Meet Ulverstone


Finally my first “home” game to cover for the season. Heck it’s only an hour something drive North. I’ll admit, I was cussing having to drive so far for any game of soccer to cover live this season. However the moment the ocean came into view whilst driving and I was immediately ok with it because the water was close and soccer time was near.

Ulverstone you’re pretty cool. I feel like the best way to understand a side, their mentality in how they play and most importantly their culture is to pay a visit to get to their home ground. Seeing lines of people hanging on the railing around the pitch, blankets with young families, and the boys from the days previous games in the stands is special. And always, always check out the club room. This one was a peach with some oldie photos plus a mint one of the side winning the WSL last season.

I grew up in small town soccer clubs. So whilst I might grumble every other week with the travel, that this is a ground reminding me of my first taste of local football, it’s going to have me coming back every single damn time.

Until next time Ulvie. Looking forward to the stories to come.

PS I forgot to take any decent photos. So here’s me trying to make something of the two half way ok photos I had.

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