GROUPCFINAL.jpgIt’s finally that time. No, not Christmas. THE WORLD CUP. It’s just around the corner, and if you squint real hard you can probably see the sleepless nights and heart-thumping contests already. But to warm you up, here’s your dose of group tasters. It’s where you’ll get to experience a taste of each side, before you see the real deal next month. For the month of May, every Tuesday and Thursday will be a dose of food for thought with each group drop.

So sit back, be ready to drool, and enjoy.




A bit like Gelato is difficult to refreeze once exposed to the sun, if Italy get exposed too high, they’ll be like that melted delicious gelato everyone was hoping to taste but didn’t get the chance to.

A side who won’t be easy to predict tactically. Like most Italian sides, are very good when the play is in front of them and are able to pass the ball around defence like a pass the parcel. Old school European football will be front and centre, where Italy will be looking for the long ball 9 out of 10 times. They’ve got some handy talents up front, so expect a couple of bangers, but it’ll always be a matter of how their defence steps up because they will be the heart to this side.

A World Cup means squeaky butt time. That means Italy will need to tidy up their defensive passes and ensure they hand opportunities on a platter to their opposition, as well as look to expose themselves less in behind their defence.



Much like a flake demands to be at the centre of attention when it’s flourished about in a sea of dessert, so too does Brazil in any line of of sides.

They may look delicate on the surface, with their tendency to go flying with the slightest of touches, but don’t be mistaken. They’re aiming to make it to the big time and have all the skill and talent to make it happen. Sometimes they can be their own biggest enemy, the skill, the flair but still struggle to see a game out.

In a competitive environment this is a completely different side to what any results in the lead up may suggest. So you better bet your dang hat that Brazil will be putting everything into the match. We know they can dance on the ball. Essential to their game will be keeping composure at both ends of the park. If they find their composure early in the competition, they’re going to be difficult to break down and flying in attack.




I’m bias, but the Matildas are totally only the best chocolate bar you can grab on your way through the shopping check out, a Mars Bar. Sure some people may think they’re a bit average unable to bring more dimension to sweets, however they are a favourite of our time.

Pace and talent up top that’s going to be hard to handle for any side. On the back of form, there should be no issues finding the back of the net because if one forward isn’t striking them another will be there to pick up the slack. A change of coach is seeing a different mentality in the midfield, so selection and tactics are going to influence how this side go tremendously.

Where the Matildas campaign will stand strong or crumble will be in defence. There’s potential there, however not much depth. So start waving a bunch of sage or something, because the starting back four need to remain healthy.



Similarly to how minties are something fresh, Jamaica will be bringing something fresh to the World Cup as they fall upon their inaugural campaign on the world stage.

This is a side that know what they’re good at and will be looking to catch sides on the back foot. With some absolute workhorses in the side, in finding their defensive structure they’re willing to throw a couple forwards forward to press defences. This creates two things. One the time to get organised and defend the oncoming attack, the second perhaps more importantly, it produces opportunities to turn the tables and attack.

Football at it’s basics is having XI players, with skill, who play well together and are on the same page. Jamaica look to have done that. They’ve got that bit of star quality in their youngsters up top and will definitely be bringing some fresh, mintie tastiness to the World Cup with their direct play.

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