So. It’s FINALLY time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. You want to know a little about each game, but don’t have enough time to read a full blown preview for each? No drama. I don’t have time to write a full preview for each. So here’s a bite of what to look out for during each game. Also I’m chucking in what time AEST the matches are. I’m pumped. Hope you are too.

Also Go Matildas. There will be plenty of Matildas content coming your way throughout the tournament. So hang on the phone and keep dialled in here for when that drops.



France v South Korea 5AM
Madness just madness on the field. Opening day. A nervy South Korea could see them shut up shop. Oh how glorious would it be to see France attempt to score against the closed down store of Korea’s goal.



Germany v China 11PM
The spaces, all about the spaces. May as well be astronauts. But it’s the spaces between China’s lines that Germany will kill. Soooo. Whilst I’d love an upset, it’s going to be a task for China to bring the German astronauts back to earth.



Spain v South Africa 2AM
No matter what happens, it’s going to be the wingers having a field day. South Africa love the width. Spain love the width. If this was cricket with the amount of width these balls will be having there would be a lot of free runs going.


Norway v Nigeria 5AM
Soak it up like a sponge Nigeria. Norway are only heading forward, you can guess where they’ll be looking to play the ball. So sit back, relax and do what you’re good at to protect the goal. Wait until one side finally pounces.



Australia v Italy 9PM
Whose high line is going to be the death of them? It’s a bit like a wild west showdown. Both sets of defences, willing the other to stuff up first and daring them to sit just that little bit higher. The forwards are going to have a field day.


Brazil v Jamaica 11.30
Under pressure do do do do do doooo ohhh under pressure. That’s the song the defenders will have in their head whenever they’ve got the ball at their feet. Both teams are very capable of scoring off turnovers from defenders.



England v Scotland 2AM
Oh great Scot! Scotland don’t need much of the ball. England like to try pick a side off with the ball. It’s all going to be about the transitions, and it’ll be faster than a magicians. Add in the traditional rivalry. Presto. Madness.



Argentina v Japan 2AM
When opposite collide, what happens? A team whose excellence comes from the freedom in organisation against one that finds freedom in the chaos. It’s going to be a wild ride, with any Argentina carrying a massive underdog tag.


Canada v Cameroon 5AM
You ever get that sinking feeling you left your defensive line too deep? Cameroon haven’t and Canada will have the tactical flexibility to work around this. Canada will be bringing out all the tricks to entice Cameroon a little higher up the park.



New Zealand v Netherlands 11PM
It’s going to come down to attack v defence. Bit like a training scrimmage, and picking a side. There will be creativity for days and speed searching for those gaps of space. But the gaps will be like finding a car space  on a Monday morning. Slim.



Chile v Sweden 2AM
Goalkeeping super hero antics are on the cards. When you’re up against a forward line who will easily fool you with their movement, you need the eagle hawk eyes that Chile have in goal. It’s going to be fun.


United State v Thailand 5AM
Know what you’re good at and stick to it. The US know they can put the foot on the pedal and attack. Thailand know they can force teams to play tight and make them feel hot under the collar with the quick break. Who’s good is better?

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