Prediction Thursday – Round 5

I have a house inspection tomorrow, well today. So I’ve spent my evening cleaning. I smell like bleach. But lucky for you, I’ve cracked open a block of chocolate and we’re here to talk about the W-League, not how difficult it is to clean my stove.

Hope you’re thirst, because you’ll need a drink after this one.


Melbourne City v Melbourne Victory

I can think of no better way to kick start a round of football than the cafe derby in Melbourne. It’s the sweet smelling latte against the dark brewed long black. City will look to lull all of us in with their consistently milky moves across the pitch. Meanwhile Melbourne will be staunch in how they carry themselves defensively and will look to hit the intensity straight from kick off again. 

I’m a latte girl. That milky taste just draws me in. Much like City when they’re actually playing to win, and what better way than to come out firing against cross town rivals. Victory will kick up a stink as strong as their brew, but can they hang in for a second round in a row against the league’s big guns?

Prediction: Melbourne City 2 – 1 Melbourne Victory


Perth Glory v Canberra United

It’s a twisted traditional drop against an eastern Asian inspired brew. Sarsaparilla is an acquired taste, much like Canberra United. If they’re feeling it, they will really be feeling it. The unique taste of a playing tactics outside of the norm, if they execute their homework well they will once again dominate like the good old days of round one. For Perth Glory it’s a chance to turn up the tea, only to put it over ice. Like my foolish first attempt at bubble tea, they’ve yet to find the right combination of tea and add ins, or locals and internationals in this instant. There’s still a chance to find a formula, like I have with the ‘original pearl’.

Much like mixing Bubble Tea and Sarsaparilla is a taste that’s difficult to pin, this match presents the same questions. If Canberra can pull the same moves as round one, then it’s safe to think they’ll overpower our cold tea team in Perth.

Prediction: Perth Glory 0 – 2 Canberra United


Brisbane Roar v Adelaide United

This one is all ready to fizz over. The lid burst on Brisbane Roar’s campaign in their victory in Canberra. This orange fanta will hope to not go flat, rather Roar will need to find the momentum of their bursting first half in the Capital. For Adelaide, it’s been a bad mix of lemon lime bitters, with too much bitters. The early hype of Mary Fowler bagging goals on the regular has fizzled, while Weber looks the unluckiest forward in the league as she is still in the hunt for a goal.

This match up is like someone shaking the bottle and asking whether Adelaide can find some killer instinct and winning ways, or if Brisbane want to really make a count of themselves this season. Have to back an underdog though. If Weber can finally shake the monkey off her back, things will be looking Red.

Prediction: Brisbane Roar 2 – 3 Adelaide United


Newcastle Jets v Sydney FC

Orange juice and lemonade mixed together produces a mint, refreshing drink, much like this match will feel to go “ahhhhh” as the final of the round on Sunday. Much like orange juice knows how to fit and preserve in the box, the Jets will be looking to produce another masterclass of defending the area. The way everyone knows what they’re getting with lemonade, Sydney FC are unlikely to change the traditional recipe of their drink. A lemonade bottle under pressure always winds up bursting at the seams. For Sydney FC, the pressure of going into their Sydney derby in winning form could see them come burst the cap off and look to dominate all patches of the match. Domination like the stickiness lemonade leaves everywhere after it’s been spilt.

While orange juice can hold on for dear life, it’s difficult to see a started Sydney do anything but win big.

Prediction: Newcastle Jets 1 – 4 Sydney FC

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