Top Marks

Photo Credit: Michael Alesich

Australia/New Zealand ranks top of the class of bidders vying for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. It’s something that makes my heart beat just a little bit faster with excitement.

Fifa released their bid evaluation report last night. Our #AsOne bid faired very, very well. My personal favourite part is seeing Launceston there as a proposed host site. Travel of course is an issue that was pointed out for our bid. As was time zones for broadcast, an issue for all bidding countries. However, we received the highest overall average score in the technical evaluation.

Japan are still in with a chance, they always are for hosting tournaments. Our Asian neighbours secured solid scores.

For Columbia, it was a pass across the board. Up against two other strong bids, it’s difficult to see Columbia as more than an outside chance to host off the back of the latest report.

Check out the full evaluation over at FIFA if you fancy. For now, the key date to remember is June 25th. D-Day.

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