Sneaky Trips to the Local

Fun is always had when sneaking in to watch your local club. I could only manage the first 30 minutes before I was pulled away to the North West for a Women’s Super League clash between Ulverstone and University. But 30 minutes was delightful.

Despite the early confusion of finding the ground and wishing the Men’s reserve team well but “I’m here to watch the women”, I arrived to perch myself against a cylinder wall. To the left of me were two old men of the club, wearing scarfs and to be joined by a women with the trio clearly invested in City with years. Their memory still sharp as a tact as they remembered the City of the WSL era.

To the right of me were parents. It’s always a pleasure to speak to parents. Especially when you find out it’s their child’s first season at the club and they’re enjoying their football.

The final score was 6-1. I missed all the goals. But I certainly didn’t miss the heart and guts displayed on the pitch.

Both teams had a hunger to win the ball, the Strikers perhaps with the edge and territory but City looking to pounce when given half a yard. The sideline calls of “SHOOT” from the crowd definitely aided the home sides hope.

It’s difficult to see how the final score blew out by five goals, with fitness clearly a persuading factor. I might just go ahead and pretend this match was a draw, because the contest had me wishing I could spend the full 90 at Buckby Park.

The phrase “challenges flying” applicable as ever.

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