Never In Doubt: Lyon European Champions.. Again

📸 Twitter: UWCL

Sometimes you have to sit back and enjoy. Lyon were in full control from the kick off. Controlling the tempo, dazzling the movement and that right flank.

If today was Lyon’s day, it was even more special for Cascarino. The right flank was hers in the first half and for spells in the second. Cutting in, picking out crosses and just owning her defenders in style with pace and drive. The first goal was a direct result of her knocking and knocking down that channel. Janssen’s move from centre back to the left due to injury recovered some control from the French winger.

Wolfsburg’s defensive woes was exposed for all to see on the first half. The seemingly ever present challenge for Europe “big” clubs to figure out their defence in the regular season reared it’s head again. Lyon dominated, with Wolfsburg left to scramble against pace and free-flowing movement.

Lyon’s first saw Le Sommer gifted a second bite of the cherry. The first blocked shot returned to the forwards feet and there was no doubt. Magic extended the lead. Kumagai with a memorable strike, low, hard and swerving.

Half time saw a change in the tide. Lyon sat back, happy to work the counter. Wolfsburg were asked to play and they did. Shifting the ball around, trying to shift Lyon’s defence. Glimmers of opportunity from byline crosses turned to gold. Popp scoring in scrappy fashion with her header.

The winning moment to seal victory was a game of ping pong from a corner. Former Wolfsburg midfielder Gunnarsdottir scored Lyon’s third to dash any comeback hopes.

Lyon know how to win. They’ve done it again.

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