Local Mash Up: Round 9

I’m on annual leave this week, trying to avoid writing as I do that during my day job too. So let’s keep this short and sweet.


Clarence Zebras produced the goods in the second half with the wind literally in their sails against Ulverstone. Early Ulverstone had chances, with the CZ defence allowing the ball to bounce too often from the long, bombing balls out of defence. The North West side was unable to capitalise and that paid.

Allie Berry with more of a leading role took the gift of an open net and wide open space for her opening and third goals. Dodgy defensive passes of the first half for Ulverstone turned to a nightmare. With some stunning saves by Georgia Anderson, there was also the woe of poor distribution with her feet.


Watching some ex-teammates play is always fun, particularly for a social match where the long ball game ran out 3-2 winners for Clarence Zebras over Taroona.

The early pieces of the second match saw Emma Carbon once again shine for the Pirates, but the goal celebration for the leveller by Meghan Goscombe was a stunner that I was up the wrong end of the pitch for.

The joys on the sideline outside of taking some snaps, were the chats, particularly the one where I defended the honour of parking the bus as it was brushed off as a ‘can’t sell my soul to play that way’. Fair cop, but my defensive heart loves nothing better than preventing a team from scoring at all costs.

Head injuries did wind up maring the Women’s Championship match between Clarence Zebras and Taroona. Ultimately the game was given an early mark, with the ambulance called in. I’d left for the WSL match across the bridge before these incidents, but it’s an awful thing to hear happened, with the match competitive match sitting at 2-1.

Traffic nightmare on Davies Street saw me flaunt what Google Maps was telling me, to instead skip through Sandy Bay after sitting bumper to bumper for 15 minutes in the CBD. A frazzled blogger arriving at Darcy Street yelling “have you got teamsheets” was met by a friendly Mel French at the canteen saying “I’m making you a hot drink right now”.

Once team sheets were in hand, and uploaded (which phones and laptops never agree with you when you need them). The match itself between South Hobart and Kingborough took a bit to warm up but had cracking moments once it did.

There were two takeaways.

Pressure can be led by one player, having a flow on effect for the rest of the team. Bridie Cooling showed that for South. Her hunger to win the ball back immediately gave Lions defenders no time to think. The high press led by the young number nine was exquisite to watch and probably the best I’ve watched this season in an otherwise even match.

You’ve just gotta shoot to have a chance. Kingborough had enough balls in and around the box. By the end of the match they were shooting more freely. But there were moments where hesitation saw an already clustered South defence, shut down space with even more vigour. The combinations through midfield were full of movement, however overthinking shot the Lions in the foot.

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