Olympic Love Letters|| Dear Kyah Simon

Dear Kyah Simon,

You’ve puzzled me for some time. No it’s not just because I’m salty you left Sydney FC for Melbourne City a few years ago… ok I might be.

Of course there’s been a lot of injuries, that has poked sieve like holes in my memory of what type of player you are. Injuries that have left the many joyful goals for club and country more like a shadow being chased. 

However things have been ticking in the background for a while. It’s always been there, like the beat of a drum slowly moving louder.

The link between midfield and attack has plagued the Matildas before the World Cup in France. It’s something I’ve sat here with fingers crossed, hoping for some form of solution while coming up with different tactics, different players and lots of complaining.

Guess who might well be our solution? You. Kyah Simon.

You linked up play as if you were gravy linking up the different elements of a lush Sunday roast. Patience and doing the simple stuff right and demanding other players to move around you too.

A big element to your game now, that perhaps that young striker that is a feature of so many Matildas goal highlight reels didn’t have, is experience.

The experience to know when to give and go.

The experience to know to keep the ball rolling.

Most importantly the vision to know where players should be moving to and the creative artistry to match, to get the ball where it needs to be.

Set the task on the right wing, but you’re everywhere. Dropping in, moving central. It’s your awareness and adaptability that has me back going ‘yeah she’s alright’.

Kyah, you wouldn’t have been on my team sheet.

I’m glad I’m not the gaffa, because you were the difference in moulding the midfield and attack together against New Zealand.

(At least for the first half as this is my half time letter to you.)

Yours sincerely,

Molly Appleton, your returning fangirl.

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