Round 2 || Match Day Monday

Brisbane Roar v Perth Glory

With most teams able to shake off the cobwebs of our seriously long off season, round 2 brought us a host of goodness. That is unless you are a Sydney FC fan, such as yours truly, who wishes it was still the offseason, where we lived in the unknown, blissful illusion believing we would have a killer start to the season. Lucky for us all, the game I am writing about isn’t Sydney’s miserable loss to Newcastle Jets. Instead your eyes will be blessed with my commentary on the game in QLD, Brisbane Roar v Perth Glory. So enjoy.

You could be forgiven if you thought both teams read the same pregame match plans as the other, because both teams played with identical tactics, forget the middle of the park, stretch the game to use the flanks and cross the ball into the box (even if the crosses often looked poor). The Roar were probably the slightly more aggressive going forward at the start, but once Glory settled into the game, both teams created chances, with an end to end game on our hands.

The combination of Sam Kerr and American Rachel Hill looks lethal and will surely prove to be the most feared forward partnership this season. This proved to be the case for Glory’s first goal, were a sloppy turnover from Roar allowed Kerr to get the ball to Hill, who slotted it home for the game’s first goal.

The Roar looked to hit back quickly and did within a minute. A Tameka Butt run at the defence lead to a foul ten yards out of the penalty area. Katrina Gorry’s free kick was palmed onto the crossbar by the keeper to fall into the path of three oncoming Roar players, allowing Clare Polkinghorne to be the one with the final touch for the ball to cross over the goal line.

The game went into half time tied at 1-1.

Glory decided to turn it up in the second half. Their play in the final third was fire, again with the combination of Hill and Kerr proving to be a better combination than peanut butter and jam on a sandwich. If it wasn’t for some magnificent 1 v 1 saves from Mackenzie Arnold, Perth would have run away with the game early in the second half

Demonstrated by the Roar, not being able to convincingly clear the ball of your line will always leave a team vulnerable, especially when your opponent has a player like Hill in it. Hill’s second goal put Perth into the lead, coming as a result of only half clearing a couple consecutive Perth chances. This was only the beginning of the Hill and Kerr show.

The Roar tried to fight back, but instead of looking like the lions their emblem represents, whenever they surged forward they were more representative of lone wolves, with a lack of forward options and rushed passes from the midfield. Perth however continued to dominate and look confident in possession.

Finally a chance got to Sam Kerr’s feet, as she was released into the penalty box by a ball over the defence. Arnold dove at the ball to stop Kerr, to concede a penalty and a yellow card. Sam Kerr then promptly did what Sam Kerr does and blast the ball into the net off the penalty.

Just in case Brisbane thought they could make a late comeback to get something out of this match at 3-1, Perth simply rubbed some more salt into the wound. Hill got her hat trick for the match. A cool finish in the bottom left corner of the net, again a result of the Roar’s inability to clear the ball effectively out of their box.

Final Score || Brisbane Roar 1 – Perth Glory 4

Last Thoughts

Brisbane Roar

  • Most games where a goalkeeper lets in four goals should be one to forget. But for me Mackenzie Arnold was player of the match. She kept Brisbane in the game for far longer than they ought to have been. Surely pushing for a Matildas start in the upcoming matches against China?
  • Their fans are great. Had this game been held in a smaller venue, more suited to the average crowds of a W-League game, the atmosphere would have been unreal. As it was I could hear them through my Tele and whoever brought the megaphone and got the chants going, even when they were down 3-1, deserves a medal.

Perth Glory

  • Looked much more comfortable with the ball than I thought they would be. Playing against a midfield of the calibre of the Roar is a tough ask and these guys made it look easy. This team is built on confidence and it showed on the second half of the game, where they easily controlled the tempo of the game with ease.
  • The Hill and Kerr is going to dazzle us this season and Perth Glory are now two for two. They are looking every bit like future champions.


Round 2 Results


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