Prediction Thursday Round 6

Flip we are officially half way through this short, short season and I still have no idea who the hell will take out the Championship, because honestly, any of these teams could take it out on their day. When there is only six points between first and last place it is going to be a nail biter of a finish to this W-League season.

So what better thing to do than to guess the unpredictable and try to make so kind of educated guess as to the results for this upcoming weekend.

Western Sydney Wanderers v Perth Glory ||
Friday 1st December 4.30pm
Don’t be fooled by Perth’s result last week, where they lost against Canberra. They are still a good side. Western Sydney will put up a fight though. Due to lack of TV time for Western Sydney, I can’t particularly speak to how they will play and how they’ve developed throughout the season. But can do for Perth. And so long as Perth can organise their midfield a hell of a lot better than last week, they are a shoe in to win this game. For Western Sydney, if they want to win, they need to take a note out of Canberra’s book from last week and just stretch Perth’s defence when on the ball

Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 3 Perth Glory

Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory ||
Saturday 2nd December 4.00pm
Honestly, I’m in the dark over how this game will go. Both teams have struggled to be consistent this season and lack many points on the ladder. My bias is going to show here, but I’m hoping and predicting that Sydney will hit that missing 5th gear this game. What better time to hit that missing gear than against Melbourne? The answer? None. To beat Melbourne is always a good thing guys. Credit where credit is due, Melbourne will be up for this, and have looked exciting this season. I just really, really hope that Sydney have this one.

Prediction: Sydney FC 2 – 1 Melbourne Victory

Canberra United v Brisbane Roar ||
Sunday 3rd December 4.30pm || On Fox Sports online
Canberra looked nice on the weekend. Like really nice. If they can keep this form up they will be there for the fight of the finals in the end and put up a good one. Brisbane are also a team worth taking note of. They have a knack for playing good, winning football when it matters. This will be a tight game, both sides tend to be compact in defence, which will be hard for either side to break down. There will either be no goals, or a goal fest. After last week’s game, I just can’t bet against Canberra this week like I have done in previous rounds.

Prediction: Canberra United 4 – 2 Brisbane Roar

Melbourne City v Adelaide United ||
Sunday 3rd December 5.00pm
This is a game where on paper there is a clear winner. City are the team who are almost guaranteed to win, especially with the game being in Melbourne. But this season hasn’t been this straightforward has it? When you think someone will easily win BAM something magical happens and the underdog wins. So I’m going to do the crazy thing and say Adelaide will some how find it in themselves to get something out of this game. City will fight, and have the quality of players to do so, but I think Adelaide will be the more desperate to get a result and end up with something.

Prediction: Melbourne City 2 – 2 Adelaide United

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