Prediction Thursday Round 12

Last week my predictions were so totally wrong. Alas, I’m still here, willing to put myself on the line to guess some more results for this upcoming round of fixtures. If you like being completely misguided and having a laugh when it turns out all of my predictions are probably pretty far off what will actually play out, then your welcome.

This week there are only three games, with Sydney FC, Adelaide United and Newcastle Jets all kicking back with a bye this round. Luckily though, despite only three games being played, Fox Sport have decided to bless us by actually broadcasting 2 out of the 3 games. If only this type of percentage of games broadcasted vs games played could be carried out every week!! Having a minimum of 66.6% of games being broadcast is much better than the usual and current hit and miss 50% of games being broadcast. Anyhow, a rant about the stupidity of the current broadcasting of this league is an entirely different rant, and you’re here to see what my predictions are for this round (hopefully otherwise you might be lost), so have a squiz below and see how I reckon your team might fair this round.



Western Sydney Wanderers v Melbourne Victory

Friday 19th Jan 5.20pm on Fox Sport and SBS Viceland

Victory must be riding high after their win against cross town rivals City. Meanwhile Western Sydney must be kicking themselves over how many games they have been pipped at the post due to a momentary lapse in concentration from the defence. Neither side have been prolific in front of goal this season, which is reflected by where they sit on the table at eighth and seventh respectively. Melbourne might have more to fight for in this game, with a win they could be an unlikely team to place pressure on the teams stuck in the middle of the table. If Melbourne win their game in hand they will be level points with Perth (who would have thought that at the start of the season? I surely didn’t), and a couple of crazy results in the dying stages of the season, they could put pressure on fourth place if they can find it in them to win out the rest of their games. A big ask, but not impossible. Meanwhile Western Sydney are left to fight for pride and to ensure safety from receiving the wooden spoon this season.

Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 0 – 1 Melbourne Victory


Perth Glory v Canberra United

Saturday 20th Jan 7.30pm

If you’re looking for a game that will guarantee goals, according to statistics, this is the one. Previous encounters between the teams have seen lots of goals. And who doesn’t like a bucket full of goals in a game? To really raise the stakes of this game, whoever wins this will be a team capable of sneaking into the top four by the end of the season. The teams form coming into this match are starkly different from one another. Perth have taken some punches mid season, and have yet to find their ability to bite back after such a promising start to the season. Meanwhile, after an early season rollercoaster of results, Canberra have won their last two games pretty comfortably and are an in form team right now. Somehow Canberra have finally been able to release the full potential of international import Elise Thorsnes, and scoring with relative freedom (at least compared to the beginning of their season where goals looked hard to come by). Meanwhile Perth (and Sam Kerr) have gone three whole games without scoring. Surely this will change right? No way Sam Kerr… I mean Perth can go four games without scoring. For the sake of Perth’s pride, this is a must win, even if ultimately this might not be enough to beat out City to that prized fourth spot on the table.

Prediction: Perth Glory 3 – 2 Canberra United


Melbourne City v Brisbane Roar

Sunday 21st Jan 4.30 on Fox Sport and SBS Viceland

This is Brisbane’s to lose. City have been inconsistent this season, and with their lose against Victory last weekend, it should be a good time for Brisbane to pounce and really prove to everyone they will get that Premiership in a few weeks time. Pressure can bring out the best out of teams, and City must be starting to feel it. With only a few games left, they are yet to wrap up their stake on fourth place, with a Canberra side who have a game in hand breathing down their necks. City have struggled to score all season, and Brisbane have the best defence. So my money is on a low scoring game. I’m expecting a game played and won by the midfield, and if Katrina Gorry can replicate her game from their last encounter, she might just win it for the Queenslanders.

Prediction: Melbourne City 0 – 1 Brisbane Roar

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