Match Day Monday – Round 12

Apparently I’m now my mum’s favourite. (Although I always was). Instead of spending my Monday writing a blog post, I spent it doing the leg work for my mum’s re-designing of her van. I learnt sawing a bed down is hard work, a foam mattress is easily cut with a Stanley knife and take two of dealing with screwing/unscrewing the legs of the van’s bed is still a pain in the neck. Gee I’m really hoping she enjoys those trips around tassie next month as I’m preparing for uni to start again because gee, sawing a bed down is flaming hard work!

Anyway back to football. Who woulda thunk it? Three games and three draws. It is the WxLeague though, so really I should learn to be less surprised by now. But flaming heck, these results mean some teams are now more or less eliminated from from the top four, while others kept their chances alive.


Western Sydney Wanderers 1 – 1 Melbourne Victory
I didn’t get to see this game, but from reactions no Twitter it might have worked in my favour. I like to thin both these teams are capable of playing good football, but if ramblings from a Twitter are to believed, neither side brought their A-Game. Despite this, I have seen both goals from this game and gee they were things of beauty. If it was the ugly, gritty game I am lead to believe, at least there was the shining light of these goals to entertain. Natasha Dowies is always up for a stunning goal and once again she prevailed, turning her defender and hitting it sweetly in the top corner. For Western Sydney, youngster Susan Phonsongkham dazzled with a goal belying her age. This result was always going to really just be for pride, and unfortunately neither side could be split to claim those bragging rights.


Perth Glory 4 – 4 Canberra United
Goals. There were goals. And no TV footage for us to watch. So imagination time right? Perth must have thought they had the game won going ahead 3 – 0 early on in the game. But look away Perth supporters, because Canberra decided to have none of it. Coming back from behind twice, Canberra somehow tied this game up, with the final score being four points a piece. In case doubters were thinking Sam Kerr was being awfully quiet the last few games, (I was…) a hat trick was produced by the magician herself. However this obviously wasn’t enough because Since Sykes has been back in the squad, Canberra have remembered how to score goals and were able to claw their way to a tied result. Life’s cruel and it looks like Perth are probably/likely out of finals contention. But Canberra’s second half of this season really deserves kudos and if anyone gets to pip Perth to fourth spot, my hat is in the ring for Canberra to have it.


Melbourne City 0 – 0 Brisbane Roar
This game? Honestly it displayed how both teams have been playing this season. Brisbane have relied again and again on their solid as week old bread defence, and it prevailed. Special mention here to player of the match Clare Polkinghorne, who demonstrates why experience for a centre back is so important because she was constantly a step ahead of City forwards, thwarting every opportunity. Meanwhile City looked out of answers. They seem to only have one plan and everyone seems to know it. They have the personnel to change tactics if necessary during a game, or at least having a plan B, but no one seems to be making the call to do so. Brisbane can be relatively happy with the result as it guarantees a finals spot. For City, they are at a risk of missing out on finals football and will probably now need to rely on other results to go their way.

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