Prediction Thursday – Round 13

This round is special. Why? BECAUSE I GET TO GO AND SEE ONE OF THE GAMES LIVE!!!!!! Tomorrow (Friday) I’m hopping on a plane, with my Dad and we will be setting off to Melbourne to go and watch my beloved Sydney FC take on the team my Dad apparently goes for Melbourne Victory (loser…).

Whilst I love being at the ground and watching the game (like SO MUCH), the things I remember most are things that went on after the game, on the trek home. You see normally when seeing a game in Hobart (or anywhere else in TAS), my Dad and I would just hop in the car and drive on home. When in Melbourne, apparently the train is where it is at.

The first of such events to go on after a game, I would have been in early High School. And look even back then I was never swayed to the dark side of going for Victory, I held my head high and always backed Sydney to win it. I can’t remember exactly who Victory played (but I think it could have been Sydney) but we were heading back to where we were staying. In a train full of Melbournites, coming back from a Victory game. Where all the people there would go for Victory (because as you can see, I was in enemy territory).

Well, I’m smart, and also young, I decide to keep my mouth shut about being a Sydney supporter. My Victory supporting Dad however had other plans. What does he decide to do on a train full of Victory supporters? He decides to use his loud, english voice to let the whole train know I’m a Sydney supporter. My gosh! Thank goodness the other people on our carriage must have felt some morsel of pity for me, because I ended up remaining safe, whilst squishing myself against the window to try and get away from my father, who just wasn’t “being cool”.

Another time getting back from a Victory game to my Mum’s aunt’s place. We were on the long trek of moving from Leeton to Hobart and were staying at my Mum’s rello’s place for a weekend, where Dad decided to take my brother and I to a soccer match.

After the game, the train station near the stadium was hectic, but we got put on a train that ought to have been headed out West to my Aunt’s place. We got 15 minutes or so into our journey home on this particular train when a rumbling begun around the train.

Apparently, and unbeknownst to us, all of use had been directed to the wrong train. Next thing I know, a tall, loud (drunk) guy stands up, commandeering the conversation of our train carriage and goes something like “This is the wrong bloody train!! Everyone heading to Sunshine needs to get off the next stop and get on a different train”. I had no idea who this guy was, but clearly he ended up being correct. I didn’t think I would ever meet him again (I mean, why would I, he was a stranger). Apart from apparently he wasn’t quite a stranger.

The next evening, we were still at my Aunt’s place when a tall guy enters the house. I’m thinking “gee he looks familiar”… Turns out the guy on the train is my Mum’s cousin. Small world hey.

So let’s see what adventures will happen this weekend coming back from the Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC double header.

Predictions Round 13

Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC
Friday 25th January 5.20pm on Fox Sports and SBS
On form Sydney have this. No doubt. Also I’ll be there. So they have to win it right?
Prediction: Melbourne Victory 0 – 2 Sydney FC

Canberra United v Newcastle Jets
Sunday 28th January 4.30pm
There are going to be sooooo many goals in this one guys. Both teams know how to score. Also both teams are going to want to win this one, but I reckon they are pretty even and either side will cancel each other out.
Prediction: Canberra United 3 – 3 Newcastle Jets

Adelaide United v Brisbane Roar
Sunday 28th January 6.30pm on Fox Sports and SBS
Top of the table plays bottom of the table. Normally this would mean easy top of the table prevails right? And look that may well be the result. However I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends up in a dead rubber. Neither side are specifically prolific in front of goal. Both sides can defend when they need to.
Prediction: Adelaide United 0 – 0 Brisbane Roar

Perth Glory v Western Sydney Western Sydney Wanderers
Sunday 28th January 11.15pm
Unfortunately for both sides, it looks like neither are going to make the finals. Perth have really struggled to find form at home, so that is probably the only advantage Western Sydney have in their favour. However if Sam Kerr plays, I really think this could be a goal fest from Perth. If she doesn’t, then Western Sydney might have a slim chance of coming out of this with some points.
Prediction: Perth Glory 5 – 2 Western Sydney Wanderers

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