Prediction Thursday – Round 4

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So we’re back to predict another round. A bit like a boxer who doesn’t know when to stop getting back up, we’re here to once again go through the round and see how many punches we can land, dodge or whether a knockout is on the cards. Although hopefully in reality there are no more head wounds as Georgia Yeoman-Dale and Kim Carroll’s last weekend is enough for the time being.

Round 4 marks Female Football Round, which is rad. If you want to feel inspired head on over to my feature on the Rebel Round over HERE. Otherwise, sit back, relax and hope that your team provides the goods over the weekend because it literally is anyone’s game right now. Just check out the results and the tables. Bar any Wanderers fans. In that case just turn a blind eye, head out in droves Saturday night and will your side to pick up some form of result that doesn’t start with an L.


Adelaide United v Canberra United


Thursday nights are back baby. So keen to get back into the habit of hibernation early on a Thursday night, just so I can get myself in front of my tv to watch some footy. Even better is Adelaide and Canberra are bound to produce the goods. This is Adelaide’s first home game, so they’ll be wanting to put on a show for their home crowd. Whilst Canberra will be wanting to bounce back from their first loss of the season in style. Off the back of last weekend’s performance, my gut instinct is to say this game will play into Adelaide’s hands. Canberra ran out of ideas last weekend with the Jets dropping off deep to prevent those balls in behind, and still without Jane in the middle Canberra will be needing to find some inspiration elsewhere. The Greens will have Corsie back in defence. For Adelaide, they played the play book, looking really comfortable without the ball, and with a stunning goalkeeping display by Willacy, they’re a side yet to concede a goal. Will Canberra have enough forward to break this defence? If Adelaide manage to score at the right times, I highly rate just before or after half time, then this game is there for the home side for the taking.

Prediction: Adelaide United 1-0 Canberra United


Western Sydney Wanderers v Newcastle Jets


Alright, this is a matter of head or heart yeah. Which one prevails. Ok we all know it’s usually the head, but one can hope right. To pick the sides with one’s head, using ration and logic, the Jets have to win this game. So long as Van Egmond is back in the middle of the park, they’ve got the players on the park to create something upfront, with the goal threat of Stengel and the in form Vine. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Jets will rely on the flanks again as they without Van Egmond, or whether the side reverts to the trusted methods of everything going through the middle. Either way, the Wanderers are in no form to compete with the side. The heart says, don’t worry about form. Devastatingly unfortunate, the Wanderers haven’t had the run of luck in any of their three losses. All three games having key moments that would have put them well in the game, rather than the back foot they’ve been stuck on all season. Purely based on the mongrel of Western Sydney, they should be in this game. The biggest question remains if they want to come to the party that is season 11 with some kind of points, can the Wanderers finally get one in the back of the net against a Jets side who are looking particularly strong in defence (especially without that Crummer experiment back in place quite yet). The head will win here, but the heart tells me hopefully my trip home from Marconi could be full of dancing with the Wanderers picking up some points (dear god, please do).

Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 0 – 2 Newcastle Jets


Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory


A battle between being in form or being well rested. They Sydney siders will be hoping the extra weeks rest from international duty will see their midfield come good, returning to their round one domination, after some serious woes backing up against City round two. Meanwhile, Victory are the side setting the early pace this season. They seem to have figured out how to keep teams attacking them at bay, making their opponent look like they’ve run out of options. Whilst pushing forward using a combination of Nairn, Dowie or Gielnik, who all look in tip top shape right now. The Victory defence have looked relatively unfussed all season so far, however will they handle Foord, who is coming off a week’s rest and a Matildas hat trick. Right now I doubt most defences can hand Foord, then combine her with McCaskill and De Vanna, it’s a frightening sight for any opponent. Just for the fun of it, I’m hoping this game is like an old western, with plenty of goals and the winner is only decided on the whistle right after a side finally gets on top. Yeah lots of focus should be on the two sides forwards, but keep an eye out for that midfield. Both midfields have quality and some workhorse players. Whichever starts ticking first will have the advantage and look to dictate play. However, Sydney have Foord. So I’m going to stick with Sky Blue.

Prediction: Sydney FC 4-2 Melbourne Victory


Perth Glory v Melbourne City


Will there be justice for KK?? Ok, ok I’m not actually as devastated as I could be with KK playing centre back. I’ve got feelings yes, but so long as Stott goes back there when she’s back from international duty, I’ll allow it. The real problem for the City defence though is whether they can control the Kerr/Hill combo. I mean they are more reliable than your cousin trying to steal pieces of your ice cream birthday cake (it happened and is still a fresh wound guys). Even established center back combinations would find it difficult controlling those two, let alone a defensive midfielder likely to be caught out with pace and readjusting in a positional sense. City remain as City though with the ball. They can hold it, and even create some golden opportunities. However are they a side that can consistently convert? Their only goals this season have come from Spencer, when Spencer is played out of the game, City’s current options don’t have a tonne of consistent goals between them until players such as Kyah Simon and Jodie Taylor become available. The trip to Perth is always a shocker, especially early in the season when goals aren’t exactly walking themselves in the back of the net. Perth look happy to be feeding the ball through to Kerr and Hill, with hard workers taking up their midfield to make this happen. The ball is in the home sides court, they show up and City will have a difficult night ahead of them no matter how much possession they wind up keeping in the back.

Prediction: Perth 3-1 Melbourne City


Bye: Brisbane Roar
(Really I just everyone to see a Rebel Polkinghorne).



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