Prediction Thursday – Round 8

This season is more wild than the Sunshine Coast weather. But much like the attitude I had in knowing the sun was going to burn me but deciding to wear a singlet top anyway, we will take on this leagues insanity and go “flip”, let’s try and predict what’s going on for another round. It’s the only way to live life really, staring stupidity in the face.

So here I am, typing away on my phone in a backpackers, lathered in aloe vera due to said singlet line sunburn as we enter another round of Prediction Thursday. Bring. It.


Brisbane Roar v Western Sydney Wanderers

Everyone will be writing off WSW here. It’s probably partially deserved. Roar have just secured a big win against top of the ladder Victory, while WSW have been scrounging around for scraps at the foot of the ladder. Something about a scrounger though is that it can bring out the fighter into a team and if Yeoman-Dale’s scar proves anything, it’s that this team has fight. To go from behind to get an equaliser against Canberra is hopefully the start to their season’s fight. Having said that, Brisbane’s boxing display against Victory last weekend means it’d be the wildest of wild if Brisbane don’t get the win. Purely on paper the class of the home side should mean this is in the bag. (Please note if I wasn’t at the stadium near the Roar Corp, I’d totally back the underdog to do something here, but safety first my friends)

Prediction: Brisbane Roar 2-1 Western Sydney Wanderers


Perth Glory v Sydney FC

No doubt about this one, both teams know how to find the back of the net. They’re free scoring machines in fact. But Perth are struggling to put to bed tight games, whilst Sydney in their last two have just found another level in the last 30 minutes of a match to ensure the result is secured safe and sound before lights out. The question here is who’s defence is going to withstand the onslaught. Honestly the key will be how deep Sydney’s set up. If Sydney play it smart, drop deep to deal with the quick counter, they may be the better for it. Meanwhile Perth will be looking to try keep Sydney away from playing between the lines, if they can force this then Sydney’s play will be more one dimensional and Perth’s defence will be feeling more comfortable. If this was a 60 minute game, there is very little doubt this could easily be Perth’s game. But it’s a 90 minute game and I can’t back against a side who have scored 8 goals in the last 35 minutes of their last 2 games. That’s ridiculous. 

Prediction: Perth Glory 3-5 Sydney FC


Adelaide United v Melbourne Victory 

This is an important game for both sides. The result will have a heavy sway in who is a true contender for the top 4 come seasons end. Round 1 the sides met, and played out a game of rock solid defences. A bit’s changed. Both have found what it takes to break a side down and have centre forwards who have been raking in the goals in Dowie and Latsko. Suffering their first defeats of the campaign last round, both will be raring to go and make good on their promise of finals hopes. Whilst I’d say Adelaide are the more disciplined of the sides, the fire and creativity this confident Victory side have is going to be a challenge for them. While a trip to Adelaide is always difficult, so no way will Victory have this go totally their way. With how evenly the sides are, I just can’t split them and can see a repeat of their first encounter with a draw. I’m banking on there being goals though. 

Prediction: Adelaide United 2-2 Melbourne Victory


Melbourne City v Canberra

To have the two sides both coming off a bye makes it difficult to talk too much of current form or momentum. Though that might not be a terrible thing, as neither side were really ticking in their last outing. It’s getting to the business end of the season, the time where both sides have dug deep to find some good results. Last season’s Canberra under Garriock really got kicking in the second half of the season and a repeat performance would see them safely remain in contention for a finals spot. Meanwhile we all know City aim to secure fourth spot on the last day of the round. City have their defence back though and if Kyah Simon has found some form, which there looks to be the early embers of this being possible, the Melbourne side could use this to launch themselves up the table. Meanwhile for Canberra, it’ll depend on Jane’s engine and if she can connect the strings again for Canberra. Additionally I think it must be very close to O’Sullivans last match in green, so Canberra might put on a brilliant display to send her off. Honestly I think the pieces are there now for City and it’ll take a good side to beat them if they’ve been able to settle over their bye and can come out kicking. Canberra is good but the quality of City on paper is another level.

Prediction: Melbourne City 1-0 Canberra United 

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