Prediction Thursday – Round 9

I just wrote round nine, and I cannot believe there is a little over a months worth of W-League regular season football left. It’s too soon. Really it feels like we’ve just hit mid-season. But nonetheless, it’s a short week and I want to return to playing FIFA20, so let’s dig in.


Melbourne City v Canberra United

An upset is surely on the cards. Canberra has pace to burn up front, will it be enough to break the rock solid wall of City’s defence? Barely a ball has breached this line to force Williams to actually save a shot.

The dance of City’s defence against Canberra is going to be one to watch. Sure, it’ll all be on the counter, but it’s going to be so totally graceful to watch. On the other foot, it’s going to be guts and determination for Canberra to keep City at bay. That, or City will forget there’s a goal up the other end they’re meant to attempt to score in.

My guess? I want an upset! Let Charley find her scoring boots again, cause City havoc on the counter and it’s going to be flaming beautiful.

Prediction: Melbourne City 0 – 1 Canberra United


Newcastle Jets v Adelaide United

There’s word this match will be axed due to smoke. Keep an eye out for that. Player safety MUST come first. 

However, if this game does happen, it’s mouth watering. If the Jets want to finish mid table, these are crucial points. For Adelaide, to lift off the bottom, this is desperation. Written all over this match is an end to end match. Anticipating anything less would be a disappointment. The heart, guts and smell of hope lends itself to attacking football.

Whoever wants it will win it, it’s that simple. Not just that, but also, whoever can control the midfield and have the passes ticking will be the winner. Purely the skill of Clare Wheeler and her ability to boss midfields will give Newcastle the edge. However, if Weber can score a banger? Game on!

Prediction: Newcastle Jets 2 – 1 Adelaide United


Western Sydney Wanderers v Brisbane Roar

Attending last season’s Marconi Wanderers match against Brisbane Roar was a tug at the heartstrings. The Wanderers were so close to getting points out of the match, a VAR decision away really. But the skills and classy finishing of Carson Pickett was instead the decider.

Pickett has been sniffing around this season and surely her ability to crack a delicious goal is coming to a boil. This time round though, even if Pickett finds a glorious way to bury the ball into the net, it’s difficult to see past the Wanderers winning this. They’ve been in red hot form, steam rolling the competition in a way only seen when I’m barging my brothers out of the way for that final slice of dessert. 

My bet? Kara Cooney-Cross puts on an absolute display that leaves us all wondering why she’s not on the plane to China with the Matildas squad. Give her a hattrick, Pickett two thundering goals, maybe an Olympico and Lynn Williams only finding one goal in a raft of golden chances.

Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 4 – 2 Brisbane Roar

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