Prediction Thursday – Round 10

We’ve made it to double digits. Everyone say it with me “ROUND TEN”, what a dream to be in the business end of the season. This 2019-20 season has grown from a fledgling to a full on battle across every bit of the table hero.

With no further ado, here’s the predictions for what could be an absolutely huge round.


Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar

It’s said farrrr too often, but it’s still true. The midfield is going to win this match. Both teams are coming off resounding victories because their midfield suddenly snapped, crackled and popped into shape like delicious rice bubbles. It could even come down to simply whether it’s Kellond-Knight or Polias who controls the match is the winner.

How Sydney deal with the high line, and Arnold’s sweeper keeper moves will either be a dream or nightmare for young Siemsen up front. While the pace of Raso is going to be a handful for a some-what slow and deep-sitting Sydney defence.

This one is too close to call, sitting on the fence time by backing a timid one all draw.

Prediction: Sydney FC 1 – 1 Brisbane Roar


Melbourne City v Newcastle Jets

City are pinging at the moment, with things clicking better than the sound of a row of chocolate clicking off a block of chocolate. The Jets have had an uphill battle this season but have shown they’re able to turn congestion in the box in their favour. Unfortunately for the Newcastle side, City really sparkle in congested areas. 

All eyes will be focused on Kyah Simon, who has found a green patch of form that’s alluded her for long injury plagued spells. How Wheeler stacks up against the City defence will be a thing to marvel and watch with great anticipation.

This Melbourne side have been a steam train this season, gaining more momentum as the season goes. While Jets are often made up of steam, it’s difficult to see this mixing in their favour. Funny things happen, the Jets are the only team to have denied City a victory this season. However a second time lucky? That would be a wild call indeed.

Prediction: Melbourne City 5 – 1 Newcastle Jets


Adelaide United v Melbourne Victory

Can Victory show the guts and determination to really put themselves in the driver’s seat for that last finals spot? Looking at Adelaide, a sole point doesn’t shine the truth on a side who have picked up handy goals and dominated possession against ‘good’ sides. Victory can’t walk into this match lightly if they do want those vital points, with Adelaide able to throw caution into the wind now with a point under their belt.

Bar the first half against Perth last time out, Adelaide’s midfield has done wonders. Pressing at the right times, earning the turn overs and generally pulling out the simple passes to move forward quickly. Victory have been touch and go in the middle. When they are on their game, they’ve still struggled to find the service to Dowie up front. If they can find that connection with Dowie, this could final bring the flood of goals the English forward would be hoping for.

Adelaide are at home and have nothing to lose, they could pull the wool over Victory’s eyes yet. Nerve and expectations could also be weighing on the reigning premiers. Go on with the upset result.

Prediction: Adelaide United 3 – 2 Melbourne Victory


Western Sydney Wanderers v Perth Glory

Perth showed glimmers of strong build up play and quality last time out in Adelaide. The struggle is still missing that out and out number nine who will score goals in the double digits. Meanwhile the Wanderers are a wounded animal, liking their pride after a 4-0 wollaping. It could get as dangerous as a wild gala playing chicken on a country road with cars, because the Wanderers will likely be out for blood in Perth.

The big question mark over this match will be whether the Wanderers play O’Sullivan, or save her up for the Sydney derby in a few weeks time. That would require forward thinking and an element of being brave in the face of bouncing back from their first loss of the season. For Perth it’ll be a matter of self-belief in playing their game against a much more fancied side. If all else fails? Hopefully Campbell is on song.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to back against the Wanderers meeting this season’s Perth at home. Perth don’t possess the lock-picking midfield Brisbane hold to pull apart the Wanderers, while the Wanderers will be one eyed and potentially ruthless to remain in the title race.

Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 6 – 1 Perth Glory

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