Prediction Thursday – Round 11

Last week was a riot and I only had the opportunity to watch half the matches. This weekend is a three match round, so here’s some utterly wild predictions, many of them that will not come true as we look at what’s ahead of us. It’s short and sweet, so maybe enjoy this along with a biscuit? 

As always, I hope you enjoy.


Newcastle Jets v Perth Glory

Chaos, both teams will find the back of the net with ease. Speaking of nets, Perth’s goalkeeper Aquino will be forced to go off the field in odd circumstances and force either Kim Carroll or McKenna, depending on whether they go for height or someone who can sweep up and read the game. Wheeler is going to score a banger, Rigby will for the purple and it’ll be the entertaining type of football we all long for on a Thursday night. 

In all seriousness, if Perth can come out with the same energy up top through Doeglas and Thomas, Newcastle will have a handful to deal with when Perth counter. While Newcastle’s midfield will have the opportunity to be the ticking clock that keeps the tempo running, with the hopes their forwards can find some cracking goals.

Prediction: Newcastle 4 – 3 Perth Glory


Adelaide United v Western Sydney Wanderers

I’m ready for the league newest number nine to really shine here in Caitlin Cooper. It’s going to be another goal-filled, wonderful display by the wanderer, Milicic will be wishing he’d pulled the goalscorer into Matildas camp. For Adelaide Mary Fowler will suddenly return, pretend nothing happened and bag a hatty. 

It’s game to score a hatty against the Wanderers, an evil part of me would love to back Adelaide and say the Wanderers crumble without O’Sullivan. However, they have strong bones and Adelaide’s confidence is more smashed than the smashed avocado I wish I could afford for breakfast. 

Prediction: Adelaide United 3 – 5 Western Sydney Wanderers


Melbourne Victory v Canberra United

Could Garriock pull the wool over our eyes, return to a back three to match that of Melbourne Victory’s? It would be a grand, grand thing and I would be willing to hand over my favourite bowl of pasta to someone who throws it in the bin to watch that. Either way, we all know defenders goals is where it’s at and Jenna McCormick will finally have the goal she so nearly did last weekend bar for a Sutton tap in. 

It’ll be tight, enticing and a tactical battle, be sure of that. The midfield for both teams will be the key. Both have had a rollercoaster in that area this season, with dominant displays beside the dismal. The one goal could be the decider.

Prediction: Melbourne Victory 1 – 0 Canberra United

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