Today’s a day of celebration. My blog turns two.

For me, continuing to do anything over the space of two years is a significant milestone. It’s huge. It means getting past the thrill of the initial punt, and somehow managing to keep things kicking through the rollercoaster of life. This past year I’ve had some of my absolute highest highs, along with some bumps and lows. But boy, I couldn’t imagine not having this space to talk about football and the community that has grown around me.

Two years ago I honestly couldn’t have dreamt of what this could turn into. I couldn’t even decide on a name. Whilst I still might grumble about my blogs name. I’m beyond stoked and grateful for anyone who has taken a moment to read a post, like a post or laugh at a photo. Thank you. I can’t imagine this without you.

This year I’ve been taken to places beyond the couch and into grounds, stadiums, towns and cities, including other people’s homes and cars, all for the love of football. Legit, it’s been absolutely wild.

So, here’s some (hopefully most) of the grounds I’ve been to over the past 12 months. Each ground is unique and fun in its own way. However, one thing remains certain. Each place has a story outside of what happens on the football pitch. A tale about the people there. Some of those memories I’ve shared along the way here, and others I’ll just cherish for myself and maybe share over some Maccas if you ever carpool with me to a game one day.

Here’s to a third year of this wild, wild journey called Molly’s Footy Rants. May this trek never stop amazing me.


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